Programming workshops

Driven by the discovery of emerging international documentary creation, FIDÉ pursues its wish to involve students in the life of the festival by offering, each year, a cycle of programming workshops at their destination. Led by a professional speaker and volunteer from the association, these workshops take place over two months and offer a rich experience of reflection and film selection with a view to making a special screening, presented as a preview of the festival.

Once a week, the participants meet to view and exchange collectively around previously unseen documentaries received via our call for films. These sessions are moments of conviviality and active discussion where, as the films and the workshop progress, a critical look around the creative documentary and programming issues becomes clearer. The students, coming from all fields of study and universities, bring unique points of view and an enriching relationship is formed.

The aim of the workshop is also to open up to all aspects of the organisation of a public screening session : direction, subtitling, production, communication, writing reviews and preparation for debate.

It is also punctuated by meetings with documentary film professionals (programmers, directors, etc.) who share their experiences and sensitivities with the participants.

The workshops have already hosted : Jean-Yves de Lepinay (ancien directeur de programmation au Forum des images), Cédric Mal (fondateur et directeur des publications du Blog documentaire), Laurence Conan (Chargée de développement à Documentaire sur grand écran), Corinne Bopp (Déléguée générale des Rencontres du cinéma Documentaire).