Preview FIDÉ 2020

Preview FIDÉ 2020

Projection des trois films choisis lors de l’Atelier de Programmation, un partenariat avec la plateforme Docfilmdépôt

The students of the FIDÉ programming workshop present, in partnership with the Docfilmdépôt platform, an evening screening of 3 documentaries in the presence of the directors !

The event will take place at the Shakirail (72 Rue Riquet, Riquet metro)
Sunday, March 1st. Doors open, 7pm
Bar and small catering on the spot, as usual ! 😌


♢ Voices from within, by Elina Chared
France, 2019, 25′
“I’m a borderline bipolar who hears voices,” says Marianne. This fascinating woman, with her sometimes lost gaze, plunges us into the intimacy of her relationship with what she calls her “voices”. Auditory hallucinations, warning signal or form of consciousness ? One can only admire Marianne’s willingness to show us here the strategies to adopt when these manifest themselves.
[Camille Duranton]

♢ A heritage lodge, by Romain Vallée
France, 2019, 17′
A legacy lodge carries the promise of its title. Romain Vallée suggests that we accompany Elisabeth, a courageous and independent woman in her thirties, when she leaves the casinos to take over the lodge from her mother and grandmother. Contrary to the projections on personal fulfilment through work, the film focuses on Elisabeth’s discourse on the value, the dignity she gives to her place (because the boundary between her work and her social place is thin), and the assumed choice that this radical change of life has been. Romain Vallée contributes to making her a film character by placing her in lively yet sparsely inhabited spaces, whose richness and felting are in themselves already a staging, and to which the subsoil and its machinery, also rich in life, respond. Transmission and filial relationships are at the heart of the second half of the film, which mischievously renders the subtlety of the power relations linked to this transmission, to the point of sharing an eternal youth, thanks to Cloclo .
[Angela Meschin]

Int. Anouchka-Night, by Louise Hansenne
Belgium, 2019, 20′
Anouchka smokes, Anouchka drinks, Anouchka is a screenwriter and it is through the writing of an auto-fiction that she reveals to us the hows and whys of her addictions. Fiction and reality are then mixed in a touching story where two heroines, alcoholic and depressive, fight to follow fragile dreams. What will be the end of the scenario, will there be one ? Anouchka seems to be looking for other answers…
[Camille Duranton]