Parallel activities

Beyond the official selection, the Fidé also organizes meetings and special screenings ! These allow us to put more emphasis on the diversity and richness of contemporary documentary at all stages of creations. A myriad of parallel events that make the festival a friendly and open place of sharing where all the arts meet all eyes.

Patron’s Awards

Patron’s award

Le Fidé remains a non-competitive festival, so that each film can be appreciated in its singularity. But as a springboard for professional life, since 2014, the Festival invites producers and other film professionals to sponsor a director of the selection.

A dialogue between the patron and the choosen filmmaker starts, and may lead to future collaborations (both on short and long term) and various support : reading new projects, accompaniments, residence of realization , screening of his/her film, financial aid, presentation to other professionals, etc … A special session at the end of the festival has been dedicated to patrons who have presented their choice to the public.

2019 awards
Addoc – Association des Cinéastes Documentaristes : J’suis pas malheureuse (Laïs Decaster).
Le Blog documentaire : J’suis pas malheureuse (Laïs Decaster) and Je ferai tout disparaître (Margaux Chataux).
Special mention to Azadi (Sam Peeters) and Château (Tadeusz Kabicz).
Tënk : Is it a true story telling (Clio Simon), Pain is mine (Farshid Akhlaghi) and Des cœurs perméables (Katarina Jazbec).
TyFilms Mellionnec : Te Merau – Que je meurs (Juliette Guignard and Fanny Corcelle).


Tënk, the author documentary platform, has been a partner of the Fidé since 2017.

Tënk defends the plurality of perspectives offered by documentary cinema and permanently brings together nearly 70 films, multiple themes, forms and points of view from all over the world.

Particular attention is paid to young authors thanks to the plage Premières Bobines, dedicated to student films where each year they present a selection of the Fidé’s films.

Le Blog documentaire

Le Blog documentaire

The Blog Documentaire is a site of information and analysis on the documentary arts in film, television, on the web and elsewhere. Founded in 2011 by Cédric Mal, this collaborative space is open to any editorial proposal.



Addoc was born in 1992 from the desire of directors to defend the documentary of creation. The association is based on a principle of sharing experiences which takes concrete form in workshops implemented by the members. These workshops seek to construct an active vision of documentary cinema, articulating practical questions, aesthetic commitments and political positions. It is a meeting place open to confirmed or emerging filmmakers, technicians and anyone involved in the creation of documentary films.

Addoc offers a free membership and a screening during Addoc Saturdays at the Luminor cinema for their favorite film. They also organize the After Fidé : a screening of some of the last festival edition’s films at Un Lieu Pour Respirer.

Ty Films

Ty Films

Defending documentary cinema and making it accessible to as many people as possible, in a place where there has never been a cinema : this is the ambition, in 2007, of a group of friends wishing to share their interest in documentary film, around an annual event : Les Rencontres du film documentaire de Mellionnec.

In a little over 10 years, Ty films has become a centre of documentary cinema in Brittany, both open to the world and rooted in its territory. The activities have developed, both for the public and for professionals. Its real challenge : to build bridges between these two worlds and create a meeting between professionals and film lovers, so that one can be enriched by the eyes of the other. In 2017, Ty films created SKOL DOC, a documentary school for amateurs, students in initial training and professionals.

Ty films is a partner of FIDE and since 2014 has offered a young director the opportunity to participate in the Mellionnec Portraits workshop. An adventure that consists in proposing to four young directors to make, in two weeks, the filmed portraits of a resident. Over time, it is the portrait of the village and that of the young contemporary creation that emerge.