What’s FIDÉ ?

Created in 2008, the FIDÉ’s mission is to promote and defend international student documentary creation.

Composed of professionals from various backgrounds and film students, the FIDÉ team strives to offer a broad coverage of these works which generally struggle to fit into the usual channels, even though they are not necessarily devoid Of cinematic qualities. For this eleventh edition, 9289 minutes of films from all over the world were seen – from which 39 films were selected from 10 different countries.

Each projection will give rise to moments of encounter with the filmmakers, of debate, the aim is to promote the pooling and the confrontation of the different looks on the films that we will have watched together.


Programming Workshops

It seems fundamental to us that the students are the heart and the driving force of this festival which has been valuing for eight years already the richness of their documentary productions. We decided to go and get them where they are : in universities and schools.

The Fidé runs programming workshops open to students from all disciplines interested in documentary cinema. They are divided into different groups of viewers and supervised by programmers. They actively participate in the selection of the films proposed at the festival.

This year, students watched more than 600 films, shared between five programming groups. They selected 100 that they reviewed in a 10-day marathon plenary, at the end of which emerged the colorful selection that we propose. In passing, lyrical debates, blood on the walls, a dangerous consumption of clementines and pizzas, but also exciting exchanges, encounters, and some new friendships !

Once the selection has been completed, the participants are invited to write the “words of the festival”, where they explain the reasons why they chose these films.

The students can also offer sessions outside the walls within their universities, the Pocket FIDÉs, to choose a program in full autonomy !

If you are a student and you want to participate in the next edition of the FIDÉ, look for enrollments in the workshops.

More informations : commission@lesimpatientes.org