English Speakers

The festival’s spirit

Before joining the organizing team of Fidé, I was an enthusiastic festival-goer. I didn’t miss a single day of the last two editions. Not only did I take it as an opportunity to discover singular and peculiar works, but also as a striking example of the feverish visual creativity that characterizes the young generation of documentary makers today.

Directing a documentary is not a simple work : shooting equals creating. How can you turn the hard fabric of reality into an acute viewpoint over the world ? As Jacques Aumont said : “cinema, in a lot of ways and titles, is an art of the junction. Following the steps of the Lumière brothers, it is simply to go and meet the whole reality of the world, from its most common places to its most far-fetched characteristics.”. Directing documentary is a way of (re-)discovering the world through someone else’s eyes. The same eyes that open ourselves to new prisms and perceptions of our reality.

This assessment is the genuine reason why Fidé supports and stands up for this boiling creativity. This is this creativity that broadens our perception of documentaries and allows its renewal. We want to offer our audience the welcoming space that favors discovery, sharing and thoughtfulness.

Attending the festival

All our movies are subtitled in English so that no English-speaker will feel left out !

You are a professionnal and you want to attend the festival? Please join our press manager at antoine@lesimpatientes.org • +33 6 87 39 14 26

Submitting your documentary to the festival

Submissions for the 2017 edition are closed.