Students’ programming  workshop

Students’ programming workshop

As part of the 2017 edition, the Fidé inaugurates a new image education project aimed at high school students in order to make them discover the student documentary cinema, a cinema that can be close to their concerns of young citizens, but also to introduce them to programming. This year, this project will be conducted with two classes from the Arts and History option of the Lycée Auguste Blanqui in Saint-Ouen.

Before the festival, a workshop of three sessions, supervised by students in image teaching and programmers of the Fidé, aims to define, together with the students, the stakes of documentary cinema. Various activities related to criticism and programming are also offered to the high school students in order to prepare their arrival at the festival and to give them the necessary tools to debate the quality of a film. During the festival, the pupils will be asked to create their own program of sessions from the films watched, ensuring their editorial coherence, and will be invited to present an “award of the Lycéens”. The three selected films will then be screened in their institution. At the end of the festival, two sessions are scheduled to discuss the experiences of the students during the festival and also to accompany them in the constitution of their programming and the organization of the projection of the films within their high school.

This project represents a great opportunity for high school students to discover documentary cinema and to sharpen their critical thinking. Through a better understanding of what makes a documentary film, students will be able to consider realization in a new light. Moreover, it invites high school students to become a player in the cultural life of their commune and their own establishment.