Edito (2017)

Edito (2017)

Each edition of the FIDÉ is a journey to the four corners of the globe, to the discovery of this young generation of directors who will undoubtedly carry the documentary cinema of tomorrow.

With more than 650 films received this year, the 9th edition is full of surprises, with a selection of 31 films from Japan, Italy, Pakistan, Germany, Lebanon, Congo, Israel. Through them, we will apprehend a Koranic tale around an accursed queen, solitary children, fishermen, weddings and parties …

The political dimension is also present through directors looking at the great upheavals that are shaking our present era : three films from the selection will testify to the crisis of migrants, from Lebanon to France via Lampedusa. The director Julia Kochetova, will depict the Ukrainian crisis through the eyes of a young couple trying to live happily despite the war ; and we will go to Congo where a committed newspaper vendor turns the streets into a bustling agora.

All these movies, all these new looks reflect not only the state of our world but also the way we can film the unspeakable : how to notify something that can not be shown ? How can one testify of an event if material proofs are lacking ? It is by attempting to give substance to all those questions that young filmmakers experience new forms of representation and thus create their own artistic freedom.

Like we say in French : a fresh breeze is coming !

Antoine de Ducla