New production of  a Fidé’s alumni

New production of a Fidé’s alumni

Chaque mur est une porte, Elitza Gueorgueiva

This year, we will screen the film Chaque mur est une porte by Elitza Gueorgueiva, a former volunteer and filmmaker selected for Fidé. Her film has just received two special mentions at the 39th edition of Cinéma du réel and if you missed it and well here is the opportunity to see it.


In the kitsch decoration of a 1980s television set in Bulgaria, a young journalist poses philosophical questions : which of our dreams are the most important, fulfilled or disappointed ?

We are in 1989, the Berlin Wall has just fallen, and the young journalist is my mother.

Chaque mur est une porte is a film made of political archives and personal texts. Through this strange emission, he wonders about the failed revolutions and their imprint in our lives.

With : Svetla Kamenova
Editing : Mélanie Braux
Mixing : Jean Mallet
Calibration : Nicolas Perret
Graphics : Mélanie Yvon
Original Music : Xavier Damon